These testimonies are from pastors in Clinton, IA where we spent 6 months ministering in 2014.


Pastor Josh preaching at Clinton Restore!

“Bob, Hutch, and their team had an incredibly positive effect on the city of Clinton, IA. Following God’s lead they spent months building relationships with pastors and other leaders in the community. All culminating with an event that brought the community together in a spirit of unity and hope. What was ignited that night has continued to build as we head into the future with unity at the forefront. Partnering with “A Saved Earth Ministries” helps build the greater Kingdom of God far beyond any reach we can have as single individuals or churches.”

Joshua Meyer

Lead Pastor, Cause Church Clinton, IA


“Bob Amos and Hutch Walch were instrumental in bringing spiritual enhancement to the city of Clinton through the Clinton Restore Project of June 21st, 2014. Countless people were impacted and since the event, hundreds have come to faith through their local churches. One particular church has grown from 100 to 700 members. There is evidence throughout Clinton that churches are working more together than ever before, and the spirit of forgiveness is in the air. A spiritual hunger is exploding in the city of Clinton and in the nearby River City area. Bob Amos and Hutch Walch’s principles to bring restoration, is extremely admirable. As a pastor and servant of God, I am using these same principles overseas and it is catching fire in the nations. Last September, I implemented these same principles in the Dominican Republic in a one day event and it brought 850 people to repentance for the nation. 280 were pastors as we all cried out to the Lord for an entire eight hour period. This event will now be

Pastor Ray sharing his testimony at Clinton Restore!

Pastor Ray sharing his testimony at Clinton Restore!

repeated this year in the Dominican Republic on August 29th, 2015. I am now using Bob and Hutch’s same vision principles in Haiti. I am flying to Haiti in July to help implement and instruct the leaders there. I thank God for Bob Amos and Hutch Walch for their inspiration to me and the city of Clinton, Iowa that I love. I highly recommend these two men to continue what God has allowed them to do because countless people are impacted and thousands have deepened their walk with Jesus.”

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Ray Gimenez
CEO Victory Center Ministries
Clinton, IA


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. My daughter and I were there in Clinton with Bob and Hutch from Mn! It was a great experience, and God still has me pray for you all when needed! Thank you for being so accepting of us when we came down.

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