A Saved Earth Ministries exist because God loves people. The ministry was years in the making as two visions came together for reaching people who were either hurt by the church or disconnected from church, or just wandering in their faith. God loves people so much that He wants to draw those that are scattered back into a close relationship with Him. Then there are those that don’t know God and have no idea that God loves them so much. There is a passage in the bible, John 3:16, that explains just how much God truly loves people. A Saved Earth was born to reach out to both of these groups with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Started in 2012, A Saved Earth Ministries has a unique calling from God, to visit cities and communities onCover River Scene II the Mississippi River. We refer to this calling now as The River. This vision for the river was given to two pastors, Hutch Walch and Bob Amos, from St. Louis Park, MN. God had prepared these men with over 30 years of combined ministry in pastoral and leadership positions.

You can say A Saved Earth Ministries got “it’s feet wet” in 2011 when God gave Hutch Walch the vision of Beans and Jars. That calling took Hutch and his son down the Mississippi River, visiting 40 cities and 195 churches over a 2 year period, sharing a tool that would help pastors and churches reach out to their communities with the love of Jesus. “The River” work had begun.

The river work is more than just reaching individual people though. We believe God wants to bring transformation and restoration to our cities by bringing His kingdom back into the marketplaces of our cities. The marketplace is the government, schools, and businesses where life really happens in our cities. This has been the vision and work Bob Amos has been involved with in the city of St. Louis Park, MN for the past 4 years. Now God is asking that this work is to be taken on the river.

The mission of A Saved Earth Ministries is “to restore people, pastors, churches, and cities with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.”

We believe there is a new, fresh, and powerful move of the Holy Spirit that is blowing in the United States. We believe God is calling His people to get out of our pews and church buildings and to join Him in reaching our nation with the love of Jesus Christ. We believe everyone has a place in this move of God and A Saved Earth Ministries is simply our place.

Map with ScrollWe refer to the ministry as a Jonathan ministry. The story of Jonathan is in the bible in 1 Samuel 14. It’s the story of a man that is willing to risk everything to obey and follow God, doing whatever, and going wherever, God asks him to go. It required great personal sacrifice, and involved tremendous battles, but it was a life of obedience and adventure, partnering with God to accomplish His purposes. We aspire to have the heart and obedience of a Jonathan, for God.

If you would like more information on this ministry we would love to hear from you. We would love to hear if you’ve found your place and how God is using you, especially if you live on the Mississippi River. We look forward to running into you on the adventure!

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