The Next City!

The next city God has asked us to go is East St. Louis (ESL). There are many cities up and down the Mississippi River that are struggling economically and spiritually, but maybe none more than ESL. Once a thriving, prosperous city which was full of life, it has now been in decline over the last 40 years. ESL’s population was over 80k back in the 1960′ and 70’s, but is now closer to 20k. It is a city that has become known for violent crime, poverty and very little hope.

Yet, God loves the people and city of East St Louis. We believe God has chosen East St Louis as a restoration city. We believe God is going to restore ESL and bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ back to the city. We believe the Holy Spirit is bringing revival to East St Louis!

We are excited to start working with the pastors, churches, businesses, and the community of East St Louis. Please be in prayer for us as we are now  traveling the 9 hours from Minneapolis to ESL twice a month. Pray that God will bring us into relationship with the pastors and churches that will be used by God to bring restoration to the city. Please pray for safety in our travels. Please click here to be part of our prayer team.

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