Restoration: The River

Lake Itasca Mississippi Headwaters

Lake Itasca Mississippi Headwaters

A Saved Earth Ministries has been called to the river, specifically the Mississippi River. We believe God is ready to pour out His Holy Spirit in the cities and communities up and down the river. We believe God wants to restore and redeem the lives of the people along the river. We believe God  wants to restore and redeem the cities along the river from Minnesota to Louisiana. See, God is in the restoration business! It’s His desire to see not only people, but whole communities and cities restored. So, a logical question would be, restored to what? Restored to the full, abundant life He designed us to have. The life that Jesus sacrificed on the cross to give us. The problem comes because life gets really, really hard. Life sometimes causes great pain and suffering. The mistakes we make in life only add to that pain. That’s when we need the healing, restorative power of Jesus. So, if you need healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, Jesus is the answer. Let us know if you need help in any of these areas of your life.

What’s amazing about the restorative power of Jesus is that he gained complete victory on the cross. That means He not only redeems people, He redeemed all of creation. One day He will come back and extend that victory on the cross for all time. Until that glorious day, it is up to His church to extend the victory, one life at a time. And part of extending Jesus victory over the power of the enemy, is to reclaim our cities for Jesus Christ.

The work of A Saved Earth Ministries is to serve the cities and communities of the Mississippi River. Each city on the river is unique and has a distinct culture and history. God has a unique strategy for reaching and restoring each city. What is common to these strategies is that God works through His people. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “if my people, cropped-clinton-riverfront-ii-e1397149607995.jpgwho are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  This is a promise of God that if His people will humble themselves, and turn back to Him, He will forgive us, heal us and heal our land. It means He will restore His people and His cities to our rightful place under His loving leadership and protection. So, our work starts with gathering pastors and churches to a common vision for their city. The church of Jesus Christ is the greatest witness to the world. So, the church must come together, humble itself, seek God together for their city, and He will bring healing.  But the key is unity. Pastors and churches MUST humble themselves and come together, repent together, pray together, worship together, and serve their city together. A Saved Earth Ministries works with pastors and churches to help bring about this unity.

We then establish prayer strategies throughout the city to mobilize the body of Christ in prayer. Through these prayers strongholds in the city are torn down (2 Cor 10:3-4), which allows the Holy Spirit to flow in new and powerful ways. The scattered church returns, lost souls are saved, People and cities are transformed and restored. This is happening in other parts of the world, and now we believe God will bring that same revival and restoration to The River.

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